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My name is Cate, as the heroine of the novel by John Steinbeck, velvety and cruel without being aware.
Flower because the flower represents femininity, and I consider myself very sensual and mysterious as a black tulip. I have a strong character, in tune with my body sculpted by intense workouts with weight, I tend to be dominant, as a child I was aggressive with my playmates and I always wanted to fight with them. My personal history has contributed to my being mistress of myself (and anyone else), made me strong, combative, mentally and physically, but also respectful, kind and attentive to others.
I identify myself as a modern horsewoman, with a hint of glamour, capable of chameleonic transformations, with meticulous care for accessories, clothing, health and beauty.
I can be both the one with which you can "fight" or which dominates you and hurts you, that the sporty girl, all soap and water who is your personal trainer at the gym, as I can be an educated, elegant and refined woman with which to go dinner at a nice restaurant.
I love to dominate people and situations. I will never stop looking for me, and improve myself through your eyes, whoever you are.
My model of beauty is the woman by Picasso, because the irregularities of the portrait are a source of inspiration for me that I do not like the rules, and I refuse to judge others according to the schemes of others, so I love anyone who is "imperfect" or "out of the norm" ..
I love fetish. I love to dress in latex. Black only! Wearing a second skin makes me feel a goddess. I feel an infinite love for shoes with high heels, boots, I own a lot, but I would always new ... like sexy lingerie .. I never get tired of wearing it, try it. A love to share.

Cate Flower

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